Cryptocurrency is fast, cost-effective money without a middleman.

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Cryptocurrency is like you and your friend standing in a park.

Under the current banking system, you’re about to give $50 to your friend for picking up a bed frame for you the previous week when this guy comes out of nowhere and takes the $50. He insists that you and your friend can’t handle the transaction and that he has a duty to step in and complete it for you.

Immediately, he takes off and runs around town. He gives $2 of your money to pay off a debt, pockets some of the change and hours later comes back…

“Upgrade or be deleted.” Cyberman

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In September of last year, I wrote about the tsunami of changes that were about to hit our planet. When I sent out holiday cards, I encouraged everyone to stock up on things that would give them comfort because I felt that 2020 was going to be a challenging year. It lived up to the hype.

That was how I characterized it to others — difficult. For myself, each year I characterize the coming year with some sort of slogan, and I put it up on the wall. For 2020, I wrote, “2020: The rise of the masters. The fall…

Consensus reality is gone. Coordinated reality is here.

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Last year, about this time, I warned that a decade of change was about ready to descend. One year in, it has not disappointed. The changes have been immersive, as advertised. Since the changes will be ongoing, I think it’s helpful to understand some of the elements of the particular phases as we encounter them. Every once in a while, I write something to highlight an element.

One element of the present phase of change is that the consensus world has ended. I think that this item alone accounts for most of the distress on Earth at the moment because…

This next phase of global change is the great unmasking. To unmask, you must first see who’s wearing one.

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You can’t get a liar to accept truth. Liars value obfuscation. People that accept truth value clarity. Obfuscation and clarity are very different values. Therefore, it’s an act of futility to plead with a liar to accept truth because people rarely change their values. They have no motivation to do so. In fact, liars spend their lives investing in those values. They treasure and defend them. They believe those values give them an advantage in the world. They don’t want to give up that perceived advantage. Now, however, they’re not going to have a choice. …

The new normal is change.

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You didn’t get here on accident. You decided to be here. Identity is eternal. You existed before this life, and you’ll exist after it’s complete. Being on this planet during this transitional phase in human history is purposeful. You wanted to participate in the massive changes that are taking place.

Humans forget the bigger picture because there’s a filter that we call the human body that narrows our perceptions so that we can focus on this world without distractions. That renders a forgetfulness. Some of us have a little less forgetfulness than others. Thus, we can remind our fellow travelers…

Cryptocurrency is a whole new state.

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You think you live in a place, but a nation-state is really a state of mind, and a state of mind is a pattern. So, you really live in a pattern. For thousands of years, humans have been living in certain set patterns, but that’s changing.

Throughout history, our species has formed nation-states to give order to our human explorations. Those nation-states have been based on geographic boundaries. Each geographic boundary had a different theme or culture for those individuals that inhabited that geographic location. Those themes were used to form governments, each with its own set of norms and…

We’re witnessing the birth of a global system of efficiency.

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When you look at basic, required schooling systems all over the planet, there’s very little financial education anywhere. Have you ever thought about that? Such a condition of mass educational negligence is so unlikely that it’s statistically improbable. That’s because it’s not by accident. It’s by design. Normal, everyday people are not supposed to know how the financial system works. If people understood how the financial system worked, they would no longer abide by its precepts. They would look for alternative systems. And that’s just what’s happened.

Enough people figured out how the system worked to invent alternatives. The 2020s…

You don’t have to serve any form of intelligence whether it’s in the form of a human or a machine.

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I look at the big picture. To me, if you’re not looking at life from the before birth, after death, perspective, you’re taking a narrow view of things. I take the larger view.

From the larger perspective, you don’t have to prove your life. It’s not measured in friends, followers, likes, or retweets. It’s not measured in impact. It’s not measured in “accomplishments.” In fact, you can live a completely anonymous life, providing no “value” to anyone, and your life will have the same value as those lives that are popular or famous or treasured or useful to others. Existence…

A tsunami is about to touch land.

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A while back, I wrote about a tsunami of change that was on its way. That tsunami is about to hit land sometime in September. It will be a wall of change that takes about a decade to wash through our lives. By the time it’s through, you won’t recognize the world. It will be a very different existence.

Everyone needs the proper gear to get through this. I’m talking about psychological gear. You have to understand what’s happening so that you’re not swept off in the chaos.

You can think of it like this. From here on out, there…

We are swiftly moving into an era of voluntary systems.

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I’m a big picture person. That’s because I’ve seen the bigger picture. I mean that literally. I had a life-changing out of body experience wherein for a very short period of time I experienced the mechanics of reality itself. It was as if I took a “time out” from this world. It had such an impact on my perspective that I wrote a book about it. In that experience, I saw the trajectory for the human race over the next hundred years. This is why I’ve been writing about decentralized systems such as cryptocurrency. …

Samantha Standish

I’m a futurist with an interest in how cryptocurrency will change the world and how average people will adapt (no interest in the investment aspect of cryptos).

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